Episode #9 - Anais Garcia

Anais is currently a student at Towson University here in Maryland. She joins us on the show to share her heart-wrenching story of how she’s struggled with eating disorders throughout her life. Growing up as a talented dancer studying ballet, she was constantly told that she didn’t have the right body type to be among the best. This mentality is what set her on the path of unhealthy eating habits. Still, Anais’ story of strength, redemption, and recovery is one to inspire all.

00:10 - Hungry Children
02:50 - Intro to Anais
05:18 - Story Time with Dave
07:48 - Anais Growing up
10:25 - Dancing & Health Issues
15:12 - Baltimore School for the Arts
28:46 - Towson University
34:45 - Hospitalization
36:45 - Relapsing
42:00 - Near-Death Experiences
46:42 - Philadelphia
50:20 - How to Help?
56:03 - Jonathan
59:00 - Strength

Here's a link to Anais' Instagram. Also, please follow her blog. She just started it back in January. Read up on how Anais is doing and what her journey is like through her own words. Click the pic below for her blog.