i was born in the bronx, ny and raised in baltimore, md. you can already tell how conflicted my childhood must've been. i loved my unique upbringing. being half puerto rican and half black growing up in baltimore city, i quickly discovered how beautiful diversity can be.

There were times where we didn't have much. my words became my escape. immersing myself into a sheet of paper proved to be the truest way i could express myself and be heard. jesus is my muse. i love him and promised that i would use every thing that he gave me to bring glory to him.

Photographer: Bernice Sheppard (my beautiful wife)


Wanna buy me a coffee? mocha lattes are my favorite! my ritual is to go to a coffee shop, spend some time in prayer, sip a latte, and see what pours out...no pun intended. if you're feeling generous, hook me up! buy me enough coffee, i may even write you a poem!