Episode #16 - Mitchell Goldstein

Mitchell Goldstein is a friend of ours who has a great story and maybe even a greater voice. Mitchell has a career in the world of medical marijuana as he currently works at a local dispensary. We get into his journey with marijuana, both legal and illegal, and how that’s shaped his journey. We also get into the confrontation where Dave asked Mitchell to step away from serving with the volunteer youth ministry staff a few years back. And in case you were interested, we had issues AGAIN with our attempt at video podcasting…so, sorry.

00:20 - Live & Under the Weather
02:20 - Mitchell Intro
03:20 - Canada
07:57 - Orioles vs Yankees
12:02 - Class of 2009
17:27 - Dave’s “Ah huh” Moment
19:20 - Mitchell’s Job
22:00 - Journey with Marijuana
25:47 - Medical Use
32:40 - Illegitimate to Legitimate
37:23 - Mitchell & Student Ministries
41:25 - Dave’s Regrets?
49:18 - What About Now?
53:50 - Dante’s Take on Reconciliation

Episode #15 - Angel Jimenez

On this episode we have our friend Angel Jimenez talk about his weight loss journey and how it’s played a huge part of his entire adult life. We cover more topics like marriage, relocating, redemption, and cheese. Discussing one’s weight may be taboo but Angel is an open book on the subject. We’re hoping this talk brings light to some struggles that people face and we can be better prepared to know how to love and care for our friends who may be struggling with their health in this way.

00:21 - Story Time with Dave
02:30 - Introducing Angel
03:10 - Origin Story
07:54 - Dionne
09:09 - Cheese
10:30 - 1989
15:38 - Angel’s Weight Loss
18:52 - Cancer Diagnosis
22:09 - Top Weight
27:25 - Angel’s “Angel”
30:18 - Surgery Decision
36:03 - Angel’s Father
41:25 - Angel’s Contact Info
43:55 - Speed Round

If you’d like to get in touch with Angel, here’s his contact info.
Facebook Pampered Chef Page
Email Address - DNAPamperedChef@gmail.com
Dionne’s Counseling Services

Here’s a before and after of Angel

Here are shots of the actual food truck with the corn dogs!

Some more shots of our 2010 Disney trip including the sorcerer hats

Episode #14 - Carolina Montenegro

Episode 14 features our friend Carolina Montenegro! She’s a Chilean-Canadian-American wife and mother of 3 beautiful kids. We get into her life as a mother, the responsibility it entails, and what does one dream about when your kids grow up? What is your personal identity outside of being a parent? What do you do when the kids are out of the house? This was recorded many months ago which is why we’re drinking egg nog.

01:46 - Egg Nog
03:36 - Carolina’s Day
08:07 - Veneers
18:00 - Toronto Pop Quiz
26:30 - Chilean Immigrants
32:33 - USA & a Wedding
36:45 - Having Kids
38:45 - Mom vs Career
46:55 - Carolina’s Dreams
55:22 - Dante’s Take on Parenting
59:04 - Future Empty Nester

Episode #13 - Andy Shin (Season 2)

Welcome back! We're here for another season after being picked up for round 2 by our invested sponsors. Today we talk to our friend Andy Shin. Andy is a brilliant musician who moved here from Korea many moons ago. We talk about his journey and what life has been like in America.

00:00 - Music by LukeAndy
00:50 - Season 2!
03:18 - South Korea
06:37 - Class of 2011
13:45 - New Hobbies
15:56 - Story Time with Dave
21:45 - Tapeworms
25:42 - Bullballs
30:28 - Sheepbrains
32:35 - Andy Moves to America
35:25 - Korean Church
38:55 - Life of an Immigrant
44:30 - American Reception
1:04:04 - Speed Round

Episode #12 - Two Mics

The NFL just released their updated national anthem policy making it mandatory for everyone to either stand during the anthem or stay in the locker rooms. We talk a lot about that today.

00:11 - Chargers
02:21 - New Mics
03:21 - Facial Hair
06:00 - Male Grooming
27:00 - Racial Injustice
34:02 - NFL Anthem

Episode #11 - Volcanic Adventures

We’re back with another episode. We talk about dying and a little bit about volcanoes. Intriguing stuff? Maybe.

00:10 - Covers
03:13 - Jury Duty
03:41 - Dying
07:03 - Starbucks
20:50 - Asia the Intern
22:00 - Olympics
24:22 - Travelling
38:45 - Verne Troyer
40:50 - Volcanoes
46:10 - Adventures
56:27 - Hair dye

Here's a link to Luke's Soundcloud. He did our intro/outro music.
Luke Andy - House of Hustle

Episode #10 - Dave Michener

Dave Michener is the executive pastor at Bridgeway Community Church where Dave and I also do ministry. "Pastor Mich" has an inspiring and mostly, in my opinion, faith-led and brave, story. It's a story of uprooting his family to leave Ohio to move to Maryland to be a youth pastor with no Salary! It was his relationship with Dr. David Anderson and his eagerness to be a part of a diverse body of people that directed his path here. It is that same eagerness and pastoral heart that Mich possesses that has led to his relationship with Dave and me where we are hand in hand in ministry. As you'll be able to tell from this episode, Mich just exudes wisdom and life experiences that teach without him "teaching." This is our landmark episode number 10!

00:10 - 83 North
02:40 - Guinness
09:03 - Weird Al Seattle
16:10 - Mich’s Eggs
23:20 - Question Time
35:11 - Mich Almost Dying
43:45 - Balding
53:53 - Mich’s Defining Moment

Here's the crew in the car. Dangerous stuff!

This is me in Seattle at the restaurant Kamonegi! I like to lean on walls.

This is my nephew Leo and I'm eyeing his soba noodles.

We got to meet the brilliant Mutsuko Soma. She's the soba master at Kamonegi and she wasn't really excited to meet us. See? Can you tell?

We got to meet the brilliant Mutsuko Soma. She's the soba master at Kamonegi and she wasn't really excited to meet us. See? Can you tell?

Episode #9 - Anais Garcia

Anais is currently a student at Towson University here in Maryland. She joins us on the show to share her heart-wrenching story of how she’s struggled with eating disorders throughout her life. Growing up as a talented dancer studying ballet, she was constantly told that she didn’t have the right body type to be among the best. This mentality is what set her on the path of unhealthy eating habits. Still, Anais’ story of strength, redemption, and recovery is one to inspire all.

00:10 - Hungry Children
02:50 - Intro to Anais
05:18 - Story Time with Dave
07:48 - Anais Growing up
10:25 - Dancing & Health Issues
15:12 - Baltimore School for the Arts
28:46 - Towson University
34:45 - Hospitalization
36:45 - Relapsing
42:00 - Near-Death Experiences
46:42 - Philadelphia
50:20 - How to Help?
56:03 - Jonathan
59:00 - Strength

Here's a link to Anais' Instagram. Also, please follow her blog. She just started it back in January. Read up on how Anais is doing and what her journey is like through her own words. Click the pic below for her blog.

Episode #8 - Wendy Laybourn

Wendy Laybourn is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park. At four months of age, Wendy was adopted by a white working class couple and was raised in Memphis, TN. Growing up in a city haunted by the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., she was acutely aware of the centrality of race in America. Experiences of racial division, racial inequality, and bridge building have informed her perspective and academic work. She joins the show today to talk with Dante and Dave about her experiences growing up and how they have led her to where she is now.

00:10 - George Foreman Grill
03:10 - Latte Art
07:41 - Intro to Wendy
09:42 - Who Are You?
11:30 - Risky Business
14:41 - Growing Up in Memphis
27:28 - Pop Quiz for Wendy
33:20 - Wendy’s Defining Moment
43:35 - Racial & Ethnic Identity Development
55:07 - What’s Next?

Here's a shot of the latte Dante made for Wendy. He's getting better and better with each pour. Still has quite a ways to go but Dave and Wendy were impressed.

Episode #7 - Sensitivity

Dave and Dante back again. This episode gets loopy at times and then thought provoking at others. We'll let you decide if can tell which is which.

00:10 - Mocha Latte Attempt
13:25 - Records
21:36 - Part-Time Jobs
30:09 - Pop-Quiz for Dante
38:42 - Hey Ya!
41:10 - Sensitivity
54:00 - Your Life As a Movie?

Here's a pic of that latte Dante made. Not the worst, but far from the best.

Episode #6 - Deshaun Sheppard

Dante's little brother Deshaun, aka Chuki, sits down for a chat. Deshaun is a busy young man who has big dreams. When big dreams meet an unparalleled work ethic, you get success. And Deshaun, he's just getting started!

00:00 - Recommendations
03:46 - “Mocha Latte”
08:45 - Our Guest
12:36 - Last Thing You Cooked
17:00 - Social Media
28:06 - Deshaun’s Defining Moment
38:45 - Resolutions
45:02 - New Orleans
55:02 - Appreciation VS Appropriation

this is the video where Deshaun explains how is company "Enticement Entertainment" came to be. This is his coming of age moment...or something like that.

Here's the beautiful painting in New Orleans that we spoke about.

Follow the professional MMA fighter Deshaun represents. His name is Scott Noble and he's a lifelong friend of ours. Here's his Instagram.



Episode #5 - Sarah Little

We talk with our friend Sarah about her travels around the world and her personal story involving sexual harassment.

00:22 - Breakfast & Coffee
04:50 - Sarah’s Introduction
09:17 - World Travel
11:50 - Sarah’s Defining Moment
18:57 - Sarah’s Book
24:00 - Fire
25:02 - Aviation
35:48 - #MeToo
39:24 - Sarah in D.C.
47:02 - Women in Culture
56:48 - The Future

here's the video sarah put together while interning with us in student ministries.

Episode #4 - Science & Cupcakes

We were supposed to have this show uploaded last week hence all the "pre-Thanksgiving" chatter. Still, nothing said was necessarily 2017 Thanksgiving specific.

04:16 - I'm an Idiot
06:31 - Science & Cupcakes
15:20 - I Don't Know
18:51 - Dave Knows Julie
20:54 - Thanksgiving
25:25 - Story Time with Dave
29:15 - "Friendsgiving"
33:00 - Recipes
39:49 - Last Year VS This Year
50:25 - Dave is Preaching
52:10 - Honesty

Episode #3 - Loneliness

On this episode, we talk about friendships as we age, loneliness, and water.

00:30 - Lightweight & low maintenance
02:15 - Water
18:09 - Halloween recap
26:50 - Friendships & Aging
39:15 - Masculinity
46:03 - Doritos
48:34 - “Single” dad
52:35 - Business card

Finding Dory.jpg
reese's swanky DIY halloween costume

reese's swanky DIY halloween costume

here's that chili recipe dave was talking about.

here's that chili recipe dave was talking about.

Episode #2 - Defining Moments

What are the moments that defined you as a person? Halloween is coming!

00:00 - Homemade mocha latte
04:30 - Yankees
06:43 - Halloween
18:34 - Friends' favorite Halloween moments
23:15 - Sleep deprivation
25:53 - Story time with Dave
33:06 - Race talk
39:11 - Story finale
40:45 - Defining moments
57:10 - LukeAndyMusic