Episode #8 - Wendy Laybourn

Wendy Laybourn is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park. At four months of age, Wendy was adopted by a white working class couple and was raised in Memphis, TN. Growing up in a city haunted by the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., she was acutely aware of the centrality of race in America. Experiences of racial division, racial inequality, and bridge building have informed her perspective and academic work. She joins the show today to talk with Dante and Dave about her experiences growing up and how they have led her to where she is now.

00:10 - George Foreman Grill
03:10 - Latte Art
07:41 - Intro to Wendy
09:42 - Who Are You?
11:30 - Risky Business
14:41 - Growing Up in Memphis
27:28 - Pop Quiz for Wendy
33:20 - Wendy’s Defining Moment
43:35 - Racial & Ethnic Identity Development
55:07 - What’s Next?

Here's a shot of the latte Dante made for Wendy. He's getting better and better with each pour. Still has quite a ways to go but Dave and Wendy were impressed.