The first poem i ever read was a poem written by my uncle. ricardo rivera. i was blown away and i thought to myself, "One day, i would love to be able to write poems with such depth and beauty." still today, when i read one of his poems, i have the same exact thought. i will always be chasing his brilliance. enjoy this piece that he wrote and PLEASE follow his blog!

Ricardo rivera


Back In Time

the roses he carried were a beautiful bright red
contrasting sharply with his chocolate brown suit
and all that gray hair of his, Marty McFly's head
hung low, as he walked with a weary chest and stubborn feet
"Today's the day, one year ago" he whispered to himself
a tear crawling down his wrinkled face, he took a seat
on a park bench, pigeons in attendance, kids on skateboards
"Oh, that's right, they stopped making hoverboards" Marty mumbled with a sigh
they're no longer in production, perhaps for the better, Marty was assured
"I need to take a trip" Marty said, as he looked up at the sky
but there's no more DeLorean, no flux capacitor, not one lousy gigawatt
and no more Doc Brown, Marty thought, as he closed his eyes
"I need to go..." he said, his voice floating away "...back in time..."
and there was Marty, youthful energy and loads of charm
he sped toward Gino's on his skateboard, all the way from Twin Pines Mall
he sported a t-shirt depicting Michael Jackson surrounded by zombies
Marty's dreams were big, though the town he lived in was very small
he loved rock music, played electric guitar in a band
Springsteen is the boss, he thought, but I wanna be the man
as he entered Gino's, the place was alive with teenagers, pop songs and the smell of pizza
"Time (Clock Of The Heart)" by Culture Club boomed so loud
and Marty headed for the video game room, noticing that
inside, was THAT GIRL, as he moved through the crowd
but then he saw Doc over in the corner, arguing with Gino
"Hey, Doc, Hi!" Marty said, walking over "Everything OK?"
"Oh! Yes, Marty, I'm just negotiating over used pinball machine parts!" Doc said
"Ey, Mar-tee" said Gino "talk to theez guy, he don't listen to what I say!"
"Marty, listen" said Doc "he's trying to make me pay too much for the stupid parts!"
"Theez old man is cra-zee, Mar-tee!" Gino groaned
"Great Scott!" Doc Emmett Brown painfully moaned
"Uh...wait a minute, Doc" Marty said "Why do you need pinball machine parts?"
"Marty, please!" Doc screeched "It's top secret and very important but I promise
that I'll explain it all to you in due time, but now I need to be smart
and keep silent about the whole damn thing! Damn!"
Marty nodded and smiled and said "Good luck, Doc"
the wild-haired, wide-eyed Doc and the beefy Gino resumed
their quarrel while Marty pursued THAT GIRL, who was playing Ms. Pac-Man
Marty crept close to the girl and said "Expert player, I presume?"
the girl shot Marty a glance and said "Naw, I kinda suck at this game"
seeing her this closely, Marty's heart began to beat like a drum
"I've seen you around school" he said "What's your name?"
"Jennifer Parker" she said as Ms. Pac-Man cleared level two
she smiled at Marty, he GULPED and then he said "You're new in town, right?"
the words "THEY MEET" flashed on the game screen as Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man bumped face to face
those beautiful doe-like eyes, Marty thought, oh what a sight
"Yeah" Jen said "My folks just moved to Hill Valley from Columbus, Ohio"
"How do you like it so far?" Marty asked, his eyes trailing her luscious brown hair
"Aww, I hate this third level" Jen said as Ms. Pac-Man spun around to her death
"Well, I've never been crazy about change, y'know?" she continued "About not knowing what to expect"
"You need not fear the future, Jennifer" Marty said "Because you'll never travel it alone"
she gazed upon him and he said "My name's Marty"
"Hi, my name is...oh, I told you already" she said and they both laughed
the third level restarted as Marty said "Enjoy the ride, cuz life is a party!"
"Here, let me help you with this level" he said, placing his hand on her joysticked one
Ms. Pac-Man ate the dots, Jennifer's stomach was in knots, Marty had the hots
and Marty's heart was beating like a drum as he opened his eyes to the bright red roses
"I think I have enough energy now" he said, taking a stand and walking along
to the cemetery, his mind still hearing that Culture Club song
he found the tombstone, laying the roses down in front of it
the engraving read:

                                 JENNIFER PARKER McFLY

and stated at the bottom was:

                                      SHE WAS TIMELESS

"Oh Jennifer" Marty said "You're all I ever think of and dream of"
"It's only been a year, but it feels like you've been gone for a lifetime"
"That's how much you mean to me" he said "That's the power of love"