I see you
I hear you
I feel you
I am here and I always have been
In case you didn’t know
Just stating facts for what it’s worth
I was at the right hand of the father as He gave birth to the earth

I know you, even better than you know yourself
And I love what I see
I know every single hair on your head
I’ve given them all numbers
Each has been assigned by design
From the coarsest to the straight and fine
Each lay as I’ve aligned

Don’t for one second be mistaken
You will never be forsaken
Awaken and begin to take in
That I know you so well
I can count the beats your heart has taken

I know every cell that courses through your veins
I know when you’re happy, when you’re sad and in pain
I know every hemisphere, the cerebellum of your brain
I know every bone, every muscle, every strain

I see you
I see everything
I see the conflict

Terrorism running rampant
Cries of resolution and peace from those abandoned
Smothered and dampened
Answers left outstanding and absent
How could this happen

Threats of nuclear hold the world hostage
Available energy continually diminishing in wattage
The innocent lay slain with no sign of a stoppage
No one held accountable
No fault to be acknowledged
But I see
And I hear you
I hear everything
I hear corruption

Pushing the world’s economy to the brink of collapse
Corporations and banks grow greedy
Barely leaving behind scraps
Sound judgement at a lapse
Unanimous across maps
How could this happen

Increasing populations
Bursting geographic borders at their seams
Diminishing resources
Deforestation, dried up streams
The earth screams
But I hear
And I feel you
I feel everything

I feel the warmth of the sun as global temperatures rise
depleting ozone layers
While contrails streak the skies

I feel the aches and the pains
The deformities of disease
The viruses, the cancers that cripple and seize

I feel the contortion of the stomachs
Of all that suffer from hunger
From the elderly on street corners
To the homeless orphan much younger
How could this happen
Malnourished left for the slaughter
Dehydration sets in with no source of drinking water

But I feel you
And I see you

In the moments when you’re alone
Feeling like no one gets you
I vow to step in
With the power to protect you

I see you
When you’re afraid of this world
And the dangers it boasts
I declare intervention
Security to the utmost

I see you
Inside your broken home
Dysfunctional in need of love
I assure my presence
Forever holding you within thereof

I see you
I see how that sickness cripples your existence
How healing seems to flee
And brokenness claims persistence
Yet I promise restoration
Breaking the stronghold of resistance

I see you
I hear you
I feel you
And not only this, but I tell you the truth
I am coming

Do not let your hearts be troubled
For I have gone to prepare a place
And my father’s house has many rooms
And I will soon assume the right to remove you from your gloom

I am coming
Keep watch!

Many will come in my name and try to deceive you
But I will restore my kingdom and all of those who choose to believe to
I will fulfill the scriptures, bringing truth to the proclaimed
I shall bring justice to the corrupt who rule with shame
All nations will be gathered before me
And sing praises to my name

I am coming
Keep watch!

For you do not know the hour or day
That I come with hosts of angels to wipe your tears away
I tell you the truth
I am coming

I am coming
Like the Sub-Saharan lion stalking its prey

I am coming
Like the lightning bolt that claps the earth and splits the soil

I am coming
Like the category 5 winds crashing against the western golf coast

I am coming
Like the avalanche racing down the slopes of Mount Everest

I am coming
Like the celestial comet burning through space and time

I am coming
Like the eruption shooting down the foothills of Saint Helen

I am coming like the thief in the night
Unexpected without warning, delivering you from your plight

You can’t predict or catch me
Tell me what force in this universe
Is mighty enough to match me!

I see you
I hear you
I feel you
I love you
And I am coming for you